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Complete Automatic gate solution

Our Services

        Our company might sound like a relatively new company in to the market but we provide a series of varied services in the electronic door opening industry with the help of our core team at USA Automation who have spent years in the industry through job experiences overseas and most importantly understanding the importance of access point automation.

        We provide Automatic gate/door opening solutions to our clients which is controlled by a remote console, this system can be installed in to your existing gate at your residence provide it is in good shape. We also provide traffic control solutions by using a sync system. We also provide additional safety features to our clients based on their needs.

We at USA Automation are very keen in providing the best automation solutions for our clients that is why

we understand, we propose and then, we imply! Based on our clients requirements.

        We Propose some of the best designs and models from our vast range and if the client likes one of them (which always is the case), we imply! We imply on the design and offer complete installation services. .

        The security requirements, the vehicular traffic flow and the frequency of use are some of these factors. We analyze all these factors before suggesting a good gate/fence design. Usa Automation offers complete design services for automated gates and fencing. Apart from offering custom design for many of our products, we also have a vast and elite list of attractive and efficient designs that our clients can choose from.

Frequently asked questions

        Electronic Door opening system might seem to look like a relatively new product in the Indian market; lot of clients has a list of questions in their mind before they proceed. Most common questions are listed below

Can the system be installed in my existing gate?

How will the system function in case of power failure?

What kind of power supply do I require for your gate systems? Do I need special adjustments?

What kind of safety features does the system include? if so what are they?

Is it possible to open my gate with others Remote control?

How much will a Automation set cost me?